About Me

I am a software engineer and leader who is passionate about creating software that changes people's lives. I am located in Salt Lake City Utah currently working for a company called Instructure. I lead a team of 3 engineers in making software that makes people smarter. I am driven, hard working, and ambitous about software and developing new practices within the technology I am using. I have a fast amount of experience in both frontend and backend technologies as well as mobile (both android and ios). Attached is my resume tailored towards my frontend experiences please reach out for experiences that are more tailored towards mobile or backend.

Contact Details

Steven Burnett


University of Utah

Bachelors in Computer ScienceMay 2015

Graduated from the University of Utah in Computer Science. Course load included Database systems, Operating systems, Web development, Mobile development, complex algorithms and data structures, Networks, Network Security, and Scientific Computing. Completed a capstone with 3 other engineers and presented it to a panel of industry leading judges. Code for the project can be found at https://github.com/TheLoons.



Engineering Team LeadNovember 2014 - Present

Worked on several projects within the canvas-lms application as well as lead a team of 3 engineers through complicated frontend applications. Maintained serveral products and core features including the main notification processor that processes over 10 million notifications daily.

Munkee Aps

Software EngineerJanuary 2014 - November 2014

Built and maintend several mobile applications for both android and ios including one application called Push that was featured in Tech Crunch top 10 apps of the week. Also helped maintain their main IOS application called Instasize.


My skills are language agnostic. My drive in a career is solve hard problems regardless of the language, however below are my languages I have used the most recent.

  • Javascript
  • React
  • Golang
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Nodejs